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I was featured in the last issue of Go Out, an outdoor lifestyle magazine. They usually interview hiking and photography enthusiasts, and I consider myself neither of those things. So I was very flattered and surprised to be asked.

I’m just glad somebody liked my photos enough to reach out to me :,D

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😉 well-done!



no PDA plz…

not my gif, but it made me laugh…

no PDA plz…

not my gif, but it made me laugh…


My designs are a small part of an important social movement/campaign in Hong Kong right now.

I’m a bit wary of designing graphics related to social issues. It goes against why we think the internet is so great, but I sometimes feel if they aren’t actually printed our and spread around, all I get back is a bunch of likes and no real change. It feels a bit masturbatory and slacktivism-ish. So I’m very glad and grateful about how things turned out this time.

Background info:

July 1st is the handover anniversary when Hong Kong got returned to China as a former British colony. But it’s also the time when hundreds of thousands of people take part in the annual rally, to make their voices heard.

I was never that into politics, but our city’s future has never looked dimmer under the threat of the mainland government. March we must.

This year is more special, because there was a referendum before this, about our city’s universal suffrage. It’s not recognized by our government and has no real legal power, so some people are saying this is just a feel-good effort with no real impact. But Hong Konngers aren’t known for their political activism, so seeing more than 700000 people giving a crap about this at all is pretty amazing. Even if we lose everything to the Chinese government, we’re not going down without taking a stand.

Credit: Nike shoe icon by Luboš Volkov, available under a Free for Commercial Use license.

Take a stand for your rights!

Storyboard pitching an idea for an in-house infomercial.



On friday, I went to school in my Grell cosplay. On friday, I wanted to celebrate a fun day with some friends I met at a convention who are attempting to put on a nearly impossible show. On friday, I went to school expecting a few strange looks, confused questions, rude comments, and maybe even a few laughs.

What I didn’t expect was that I would be attacked by someone that I had never even seen before.

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Hope this doesn’t make you change. Being unique is not a crime. Those comments are not about you - it’s about people who resent your confidence because they have none of their own…